An Experiment in Tea Staining

I’m trying something new today – staining paper with tea.  I’m only using #20 cartridge paper, which is not the best structurally, so I don’t really expect it to end well.  No matter, it’s just a little fun.

I’ve got Barlow’s Mint Medley stewing, and I’m expecting the paper to come out a bit green.  Maybe all tea stains come out green in the beginning?  The end result will probably have some green bits anyway, because the bag broke!  All the little tea bits are swimming free at the top of my mug.  Oops.


Put in the first half sheet of paper, let it soak for about 10 minutes.  It definitely looks a pale green!  I’ll have to let it dry and re-soak it.

Aroundish 14.00

Made myself a nother cuppa, this time Egyptian Liquorice.  Actually, I kind of forgot about it for a good 20 minutes…WOWZA!  Strong tea!  I drank what I could, enjoying the flavour,  but it never occurred to me to to just add some more water to it…lol!  Emptied the strongest dredges at the bottom to my pan of staining tea, as well as the bag.

Redipped the first piece of paper, and then another half sheet.  This second one seems to have come out vaguely less green, slightly more yellowed.


The papers are mostly dry, but the tea bits don’t seem to be sticking to them very well.  Sad!  I was hoping they’d give the paper a bit more character, but I guess I expected this anyway.  Time for round 3.


Stained the paper again, but this will be the last time.  The integrity of the paper is at it’s breaking point due to the repeat water exposure.  I think next time, a higher concentration of tea and some heavier paper.  More herb, less water!


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