"can you hear me?"

Today’s prompt in the challenge journal is “can you hear me?”.

I glued down a bit of brown paper at a weird angle.  When the glue is dry, I’m going to rip it off.  I’m almost weirded out by this whole process.  Most of my nicer pages are have nice spacing and whatnot, but this angled bit is throwing me for a loop.  I don’t usually work so loosely.  I don’t even know what I’m doing, really, but today is bad and  I need it to be over with already.  There’s so much sun outside, but it’s just not enough.

The stained paper from yesterday is fully dried, and very wavy.  It’s lost all it’s green now, and has taken on that nice old yellowed look.  It almost looks burnt at the edges where the tea soaked in the most, I like it!  It feels very dry and very brittle, I’m almost afraid to use it.  Seems to bend just fine like normal paper, though, and it’s just cartridge paper anyway.


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