"poetry in motion"

I liked this one a lot better in theory than I do now that I’ve written all over it, BLEH!  I still like the look of it, maybe I’d like it more with smaller writing, but what’s done is done innit.  It almost kills me to do this, but here’s what I wrote:

The ocean is poetry in motion, the ebb & flow, low tide hight tide, bad times & good times.  Life is not a roller coaster ride, it’s the ocean.  Life is poetry in motion.  Endless depths, an endless supply of anything you could ask for (unless everyone else wants it too).  Life is a mess, it makes no sense.  Just an abstract poem, a piece of prose with no meaning.  You can say so as many times as you like that everything has a point, a purpose, but that doesn’t make it true.  We are not mindless tides, there is no moon dictating our emotional tides.  The timeline of our tides has nothing to do with time, time is a figment of our imagination.  Highs & lows seem to come so regularly, regardless of how long they actually take to get here.

Oh well.  Live and learn.  Next time, I’ll have to do a bit of planing out what I’m going to say rather than just going for it – didn’t work out so well this time!

The more I look at this page the more I hate it.  Time to go.


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