Journal Count

To date, I currently have quite a few active journals and art projects:

  • three writing journals, two of which I intend to use daily, the other falling into a bit of disuse for serious hatred at the book itself, what a piece of crap,
  • four frequently used art journals,
  • three not so frequently used art journals,
  • five painting projects,
  • one collage “painting”,
  • and a collage mini book.

That brings my journal count to ten.  I feel a little bit obsessed.  IT’S WONDERFUL, totally absolutely brilliantly amazingly wonderful.  Kicker is, I want another journal.  Ten is not enough.  One more for writing letters in, letters I may or may not ever send.  A journal to write to Ace in?

As for the writing journals, one is my Morning Pages journal, and the other is a variation on that, being what I call the Day Pages (working title, I only just started it) journal.  Same idea as the Morning Pages (external source link), but for during the day, obviously.  To be honest, it’ll probably replace my actual journal (the piece of crap one).  It’s a much more honest journal than the one I’m currently keeping.  It’s totally crazy and incoherent and probably no one could understand it (not even me) but that’s not the point.  It’s nice to just let it all out.

Also, comp books.  I’m really learning to love comp books (also loving decorating them, such nice sturdy covers!).  Not so much the wide ruled pages, but it’s a work in progress, I’ll get there.


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