Monthly Archives: June 2011

Surprise surprise, I have a new art journal.  I actually started it about two weeks ago, but only got around to scanning and uploading some of the pages to Flickr the other day.

I can’t stop working in this book!  And a book it is really,  because I’m tearing into a Reader’s Digest volume which is nearly as old as I am.  I can’t even express the sheer amount of affection I have for this journal.  It’s so much fun to work in, and if I ever can’t think of anything to do  in it, all I have to do is take a look at the pages.  Sometimes I find a poem to black out, sometimes I find a word that inspires me.  Anyone who’s never altered an old book is seriously missing out.

Since I’m super duper proud of and in love with this book, this is going to be an art mega-post.  Watch out, it’s all scans from here! (Each can be clicked to get to its corresponding Flickr page.)

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