Monthly Archives: September 2011

Playing with my new Golden Light Molding Paste (modelling paste)!

It’s worked beautifully so far in the test spot, now I just have to wait for it to dry to see what happens. It’s a Light paste so it should retain all the texture it’s got now it’s wet, but I’ve never used it before so it’ll be a surprise to me whatever happens.

It was fairly easy stuff to work with after mixing it with my paint, which I did right on the board with a palette knife. Threw down some paint, grabbed some of the paste right out of the bottle and smashed it around. I smoothed out a fairly thick application of the mixture, then used the top of my palette knife to carve and push some of it into the long ridges. What I scraped off built up on the back of my palette knife on the first stroke or two, but then this was pulled of fairly evenly by the mix still on the board. It only glooped up (technical term) in a few spots, but I mostly fixed that. Once it’s dried and cured I’ll be able to sand or carve those bits off to my liking anyway, not that I’ll do much of that. It’s too gorgeous as-is!

I’m just a few pages under half finished with it (192 pages filled). This is insane. What’s more insane is that I want to finish it before the new year(!). To be fair though, there are quite a few months where I wrote nothing, and lately I’ve been writing four or five times a week at least, 1 page a day. Maybe I can do it? And then of course, I see a lot of journaling ahead of me in the next couple weeks, to say the least (or none at all for the same reasons, who knows)…bleh.

I just really want to start fresh in a new journal 2012, but I won’t let half a book go to waste, either.

I guess my goals for the rest of the year? =

  1. finish art journal before 1/1/2012
  2. finish writing journal before 1/1/2012
 The former might actually be doable, it’s only a few months old and already half done. If I work in it just a day or two more each week, I should be able to finish it off and start a new journal in the new year!

I haven’t blogged in quite a while. Mah bad.

On the other hand, I have been doing quite a lot of art journaling. I’ve probably doubled the number of pages in my art journal since my last post, although no pictures or scans have been taken. So much work! The thought has been nagging at me for a few days though, so I’ll probably get around to that soon.

I’ve also been doing a whole lot of exploring artists on Flickr looking for more journal artists, and oh boy have I found them. I now have 119 people on my contact list!

I’m also incredibly distracted right now watching videos by Donna Downey. This woman is absolutely crazy, and it’s great. And it’s no wonder – she’s an art teacher! I feel like it’s an unwritten law that art teachers have to be crazy (I know my favourite art teachers were nuts!)