The journal I’m currently writing in has been my partner for exactly 5 years, 1 week, and two days.

I’m just a few pages under half finished with it (192 pages filled). This is insane. What’s more insane is that I want to finish it before the new year(!). To be fair though, there are quite a few months where I wrote nothing, and lately I’ve been writing four or five times a week at least, 1 page a day. Maybe I can do it? And then of course, I see a lot of journaling ahead of me in the next couple weeks, to say the least (or none at all for the same reasons, who knows)…bleh.

I just really want to start fresh in a new journal 2012, but I won’t let half a book go to waste, either.

I guess my goals for the rest of the year? =

  1. finish art journal before 1/1/2012
  2. finish writing journal before 1/1/2012
 The former might actually be doable, it’s only a few months old and already half done. If I work in it just a day or two more each week, I should be able to finish it off and start a new journal in the new year!

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