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Ich mag Rucksäcke. Klein, groß, schwarz, weiß…grün. Grün wie meine neuer Rucksäcke von Tignanello!

Gestern bin ich mit meine Mutter nach einkaufen gegangen. Bei Macy’s habe ich dieser Rucksack gefunden und gekauft. Das Preisschild hat fast $90 gesagt, aber ich hab es für nur $34 im Ausverkauft gekauft!

Super schön, ja?

Ich denke, dass es perfekt für mich ist. It’s just so me.

Bücher! 50 Bücher. Nextes Jahr will ich 50 Bücher lesen. FÜNFZIG! Das ist fast ein Buch pro Woche. Normalerweise kann ich 1 2 oder vielleicht ganz 3 Bücher pro Woche lesen, aber ein Büch pro Woche für die ganzes Jahr ist so viele! Und auch mit ein Foto pro Tag, ich werde so beschäftigt sein.

Bis Morgen! Bis 2012? Wer weiß!


Two posts in one day!

Drumroll please……………….I finished my photo challenge list! (jazz hands, tada~ sound) I was going to post it here, but it’s in spreadsheet form and that’s a really big HTML table I just don’t want to make. So here’s a link to the Google Spreadsheet instead:

Bear’s Official 2012 Photo Challenge List

Here’s how it works. Column A is the theme of the week. Column B * is the recommended time of year to choose that theme. Columns C through H are for 6 days of the week when I can pick any of those ideas to shoot. And on any day of the week of my choosing, I get a free shot where anything goes, and I can choose to shoot (or not to) within the theme of the week.

* Column B, for ease of reference, is in German. W for winter (Winter), F for spring (Frühling), S for summer (Sommer), and H for autumn (Herbst). Any space left blank is one I couldn’t decide on a time of year for, so it’s up for whenever the mood strikes (or I may fill them in later as the year passes and they come to me). Codes E (Newness) at the top, and L (The End) at the bottom, stand for Erste (first) and Letzte (last), respectively. As in, Newness will be my first photo of the year, and The End will be my last theme of the year.

Of course, nothing is set in stone. There are some themes I can’t wait to do, others I don’t see how I’m going to get done. Certain days seem a bit iffy, and if I can’t make the idea work then I’ll just wing it. And as I go, I may start another spreadsheet for the calendar of what I actually did each day. Maybe not a spreadsheet, maybe a calendar. Maybe just a simple list. Who knows? We’ll see what happens.

And last but most certainly not least, I’d like to thank the following people who helped me put this mega-list together: Ace, Autumn, Beth, and Billy. Couldn’t have done it without you guys!

And the first photo goes to…my best friends of 17 years!

And no one gets to call my life sad just because my best friends are plush. Sshh. It’s a thing. It happens. And not just to me.

Having been stuck with a 4 megapixel camera for almost my entire camera-using-existence, I am simply blown away by the quality of these photos. I never imagined that I could hold such a small piece of equipment in my hands and take such beautiful quality photos. I can literally see blanket fibers in the photo, and they’re not pixelated. Everything is clear and crisp and just wow.

I only took a couple shots today, because then I went out shopping with my mom and ran out of daylight before I got home. Bis Morgen!

I’m pretty close to finishing my 365* photo challenge list. I get by with a little help from my friends. Or in this case, quite a lot of help. So Ace, Autumn, Beth, and Billy, here’s to you. /tips imaginary hat

* Technically 366 because 2012 is a leap year. Whatever. Close enough. I’m having 53 free days anyway, so that’s 53 things we’re not brainstorming for. So more like a list of 300something. Anyway.

And now, back to playing with my camera and finishing up my list!


At precisely 10:32 this morning, I hopped, skipped, and jumped my way downstairs just in time to meet the UPS van with my packages, aka my Christmas presents from “Santa”. Despite a pretty big hitch, I’m already having so much fun with my shiny new T3i.

The hitch is this: no memory card! I wasn’t sure what to get, so I decided to wait. But then my camera arrived a day early (I wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow, the 29th), and obviously I couldn’t wait to play around with it. So no memory card, but I’m still able to release the shutter and get one temporarily cached image to look at for a few seconds. I’m using this time to get to know my camera, and teach myself what all the settings do. Learning to control the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed together based on the amount, quality, type of light…the list goes on and on!

So unfortunately, I have no photos to share today. But maybe tomorrow.

For now though, I need to go work on my 365 list!

Aka: No Regrets.

I’ve just made my biggest purchase ever. The first Really Big Thing I’ve ever bought. I’m reeling a little bit at how much money is no longer in my bank account, but I do not regret it. Do not regret it one single bit. I can only think of two times in my life when I was happier about something so physical (I’m looking at you, Ace).

Photo credit to

Thanks to my free trial of Amazon Prime and two (business) day shipping, it should arrive December 29th. I’m so excited, words can not express.

And to make the most of this (incredibly expensive,) lovely purchase, I will be participating in a 365 Photo Challenge. I still need to hammer out some details, set up my weekly themes etc, but it will happen. I’m hoping that I’ll get some shots good enough to sell, so we’ll see how that goes.

Happy Christmas, Bear!

And Happy Christmas and blessings in the New Year to all of you, from me.