It’s been so long!

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My last post was in September?! I almost don’t even know where to start!
Ich habe noch nicht seit September geschrieben?!  Ich weiß nicht, wo ich beginnen soll!

The painting I’ve been working on (for a few years now) is sitting dusty. I haven’t worked on it since my last blog post, despite knowing exactly how I want to finish it. Is it laziness or something else? Who am I kidding, it’s just laziness. I haven’t quit art or anything extreme like that though! In fact, just a week ago I retired my altered book art journal. There are a few blank pages at the end, but it just felt like the right time to end it. I still have a backlog of pages to scan and upload to Flickr, but they’ll get there eventually.

In the mean time, I’ve started my next art journal, which is where the photos above come from. It’s quite small, a ringbound 6×6 by Canson, but I’m relishing the new page format.  I’ve worked so long on pre-textured pages, so the blank white is a very nice change. Now I can sketch without having to prep a page with messy glue and paper.

On another note, Christmas is only a couple weeks away, and I’m definitely feeling the strain already. I’m saving up for a Big Spend just after Christmas, and boy is it going to be big. The most money I’ll have spent on any one thing.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i, you will be mine.

Since I’ve been naughty and haven’t kept up with this blog, the next post I make will be a photo post of some of things I’ve been doing since September.

But for now, auf Wiedersehen!


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