Camera Time.

Aka: No Regrets.

I’ve just made my biggest purchase ever. The first Really Big Thing I’ve ever bought. I’m reeling a little bit at how much money is no longer in my bank account, but I do not regret it. Do not regret it one single bit. I can only think of two times in my life when I was happier about something so physical (I’m looking at you, Ace).

Photo credit to

Thanks to my free trial of Amazon Prime and two (business) day shipping, it should arrive December 29th. I’m so excited, words can not express.

And to make the most of this (incredibly expensive,) lovely purchase, I will be participating in a 365 Photo Challenge. I still need to hammer out some details, set up my weekly themes etc, but it will happen. I’m hoping that I’ll get some shots good enough to sell, so we’ll see how that goes.

Happy Christmas, Bear!

And Happy Christmas and blessings in the New Year to all of you, from me.



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