Love at first sight.

And the first photo goes to…my best friends of 17 years!

And no one gets to call my life sad just because my best friends are plush. Sshh. It’s a thing. It happens. And not just to me.

Having been stuck with a 4 megapixel camera for almost my entire camera-using-existence, I am simply blown away by the quality of these photos. I never imagined that I could hold such a small piece of equipment in my hands and take such beautiful quality photos. I can literally see blanket fibers in the photo, and they’re not pixelated. Everything is clear and crisp and just wow.

I only took a couple shots today, because then I went out shopping with my mom and ran out of daylight before I got home. Bis Morgen!

I’m pretty close to finishing my 365* photo challenge list. I get by with a little help from my friends. Or in this case, quite a lot of help. So Ace, Autumn, Beth, and Billy, here’s to you. /tips imaginary hat

* Technically 366 because 2012 is a leap year. Whatever. Close enough. I’m having 53 free days anyway, so that’s 53 things we’re not brainstorming for. So more like a list of 300something. Anyway.

And now, back to playing with my camera and finishing up my list!



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