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ich fotografiere Dinge satt.

30/366 1/2

ich will Leute fotografieren.

30/366 2/2


It’s beginning to look a lot like win-ter! Next thing you know it’ll be Christmas and…wait.

Woke up this morning with not much snow on the ground. A few hours later, there was a sudden snowstorm with the biggest flakes I’ve ever seen. No, I did not feel like venturing outside for a better location.

But that’s not the best part of this post.

The photo below is a test shot. This is the closest I can get to something with my camera’s kit lens (18-55mm) without losing focus.

It’s pretty good for a kit lens, picks up lots of detail as you can see in the next photo, which is a crop of the one above.

But here’s where things get fun. The photo below was taken with my new macro extension kit – a surprise Christmas present from the most ace of all boyfriends everywhere!


What’s great about this is that I could have gotten even closer, had the lens housing itself not blocked off light and degraded the photo too much.

Admittedly, It’s not the best shot, but it amazes me all the same. I just need to work out some things. For instance, the lighting situation. Macro requires a huge amount of light being so close to such small subjects. My windows could have been shining noon sunlight (they weren’t) and I still would have needed a lamp (I used one). So more light, play around with the shutter speed, find a better, sturdier way of holding the camera body for less shake.

I’m so excited to be able to use this when things start greening up. Macro has always been my favourite kind of photography. I’ll let Flickr show you why.

So thanks to Ace for the new memory card, lens hood, card reader, lens cap keeper, cleaning kit, and of course, macro extension! Vielen Dank, mein Schatz. 🙂

Now excuse me while I go abuse my new toys.


Thanks to Mrs. K, I can now include The Dead Zone and The Eyes of the Dragon in my Stephen King reading list! Thanks, you!



I’m seriously not understanding this winter. First it doesn’t snow for crap, then it decides to that my driver’s test would be the perfect time for a blizzard (I may be exaggerating a lot there), and now it’s melting back into spring-not-spring?

On a happier note, I got some Christmas presents! Camera gear from Ace, because he’s awesome and I am forever losing my lens cap. c: Thanks, Ace.

But of course, it’s nights like these when I wish I had a telephoto lens. Some day, Bear, some day…

First, we’re going to get something awkward out of the way. When I went to bed on Sunday the 22nd, there was no snow. When I woke up, this had happened. Was still happening.

Let’s not even talk about the obviously failed driving test. Important days – I sure know how to pick ’em… Moving on.


Knitting is a pretty good stress reliever. Until, of course, as bad knitter, you get stressed about your bad knitting, so you just take pictures of it instead.

And then you bother the cat, and that’s an even better stress reliever. She’s not a very good knitter, though.