2012 Photo Project, Day 1

Otherwise known as, In Which Bear Braves the Almost Blizzard, and Also Finds a Phone.

Got all bundled up today to start my Photo Challenge bright and early and cold at 2pm. Okay. So I meant to get up early, capture some lovely lovely things with the first new light of the year…but then I didn’t fall asleep until 5am. No way was I getting up at 7:51am to meet the sun.

I wish all my photos had turned out as lovely as the first one (even though I’m already nitpicking over it), but today it’s not so much a Winter Wonderland out here as it is a Winter Wasteland. No seriously.

Wasteland. There was an almost blizzard last night, and when I was out today it was blowing like crazy, although there was no new snow.

I should have gotten a picture of me all bundled up, it was probably hilarious. Sweater tights under my jeans, awful green socks in my awful junior high “snow” boots, two shirts and a hoodie, a scarf, a hat, two hoods, a jacket, and gloves. Oh yeah. Sexy, right? Like the little kid from A Christmas Carol. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get a photo. Maybe never. Probably never.

But now I’m going to go fiddle with the phone I found, and try to find who it belongs to. It’s not turning on, so I might have to go door to door. Oh well, at least I know what to wear to keep warm.



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