2012, day 2.

I braved the cold again today. It was colder than yesterday, and I was out for much longer. It was also much sunnier, which was nice, but windy, which was not nice. At least I only fell on my butt once never fell on my butt!

Today’s photo makes me wish I had a telephoto lens. Not just for the moon, but for the beautiful creatures down the road at the stables – 10 or so gorgeous horses. I wanted to get closer to them, and they were all very interested in me, but I didn’t want to intrude and take photos from where someone might have gotten angry at my trespassing. I was about to sneak a bit closer just for a looksee anyway when woman came out and stepped into the pasture with the horses. I suppose could have asked her, but I chickened out instead was way too cold and just went home. Maybe some other day! The worst they can say is no, right?

Since I couldn’t get anything from the horses, I pestered our own resident furry companion instead.


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