366, day 3

Warmer outside today. Didn’t feel like going too far, so I hung out with the evergreens for a while.

Almost all my photos are shot in M(anual) mode. Rarely do I use presets, or Auto mode. Presets can be useful, but M gives me the most control, which is the whole reason I bought a DSLR in the first place. I can’t stand point-and-shoots. If I can’t control the camera, if the camera controls me, then what’s the point? As photographers, we have to be fluid. Nature doesn’t wait for you to find the closest preset on your camera, and then move yourself into the right position for the preset to work properly! Nature goes on and on at whatever speed it likes, and in order to capture this, we need to be able to control our tools. We need to adjust them to the situation, not the other way around. We need to be fast, we need to be efficient, we need to be accurate.

And this is why I’m trying to learn to take better photos in Manual. I will have the utmost control over how my camera views a situation, and in turn, need to do less postprocessing. So far I’ve only done some colour correcting (and resizing), but even that shouldn’t really shouldn’t be necessary. If I can learn to take more accurate photos in the first place, prepping them for sharing will take less time, or maybe almost no time at all.

For example: the third photo is closest comparison to the RAW image. Mostly it was underexposed, so I had to amp up the exposure and then increase the vibrancy of the colours in postprocessing. The final effect is a fairly accurate representation of the real life colours. And this final image is what I want to capture initially, so that the only editing I need to do is resizing for uploading purposes.

It’s going to take time, I know. I’ll probably get frustrated with my shaky hands and invest in a tripod and remote.

But I’ll get there. (And I’ll have a macro lens and a telephoto lens to boot!)


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