Milestone One

Also known as: the end of week one!

7 / 366

Kitty was very cooperative today, unlike the first time I had my camera out around here, and she got all aggro because it’s in-your-face noisy. She’ll get used to it. Or claw my face off. Only time will tell.

I guess this is where it gets hard. Week two is the killer for some people. A whole 7 days of cameras attached to faces, and suddenly people aren’t so gung-ho to continue. But I won’t give it up! This is exactly what my mega list of inspiration is for. Not that I’m feeling uninspired yet. A day may come when the courage of men fails that happens, but it is not this day.

On a not so nice note, my last day at Target is officially over. Now I have to go beg other places. Boo! You haven’t heard the last of me yet, Target – I’ll be back!

In the mean time, more time for reading and photographing! And preparing for my driver’s test! But mostly reading.


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