What winter?

This year’s winter is throwing off my groove. It’s January in Minnesota, it’s been above 30 for a couple days now, and there’s almost zero snow. Go figure. What kind of winter is that!? Okay, okay, I’m not really complaining (only a little). It’s hard to work off my 366 photo project brainstorming list when half my winter ideas are suddenly invalid, though!

So in lieu of ice and snow and other such cold things, here’s some snaps of the one pinkish thing I own, one thing I wear almost daily, and my go-to comfort wear:


I’ll let you guess which is which.

I’m itching to work on my big painting. The paint, it calls to me. But I’m too wrapped up in my books to put them down long enough to do anything except get in my daily photos and blogs. Maybe some time next week, after I’ve finished off this series.


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