I haven’t felt much like posting lately. The initial plan was to post once a week or whenever I felt like it, which worked out pretty well. But then over the last 5 days I took way too many photos for just one post, so now I’m at about a 3 post backlog. Whoops!

Instead of posting, I’ve been reading and…


…knitting! Aw yeah! KNITTING.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…no wait. Quite a few Christmases ago (probably more than I would care to admit if I could remember), my Grams gave me a “learn to knit kit”. Thanks, Grams! Like many things, it was eventually lost within the depths of the black hole that is my closet. (I mean, was my closet. It’s looking a bit nicer now.) But then a few days ago I reached a stash of wonderful things, and this was among them. And it’s pretty great! I’m an awful knitter, as you’ll probably soon see, but I’m trying. Scarves will happen. Things that look vaguely like socks and hats will probably most definitely happen. But mostly, a lot of this will be going on:


If you’re not a knitter, that’s what it looks like when you rip out the stitches of a truly god awful monstrosity that has no name or shape. There was about 5 hours of this and the basic knit-stitch before I came up with something workable. Let’s not even talk about trying any fancy stitches right now. Purrling? HAH. I’ll be lucky if I can bind off the end of my current misshapen wormy to keep it from unraveling.

I told you, I’m an awful knitter. Here’s a cat instead.


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