Thanks to Mrs. K, I can now include The Dead Zone and The Eyes of the Dragon in my Stephen King reading list! Thanks, you!



I’m seriously not understanding this winter. First it doesn’t snow for crap, then it decides to that my driver’s test would be the perfect time for a blizzard (I may be exaggerating a lot there), and now it’s melting back into spring-not-spring?

On a happier note, I got some Christmas presents! Camera gear from Ace, because he’s awesome and I am forever losing my lens cap. c: Thanks, Ace.

But of course, it’s nights like these when I wish I had a telephoto lens. Some day, Bear, some day…

  1. Stephen King is my fav author. His books are awesome. I especially like “Liseys Story” & “Duma Key” 🙂

    • Bear said:

      I haven’t finished either yet. I’ve started both a couple times but always got distracted and dropped them. I’m really looking forward to Lisey’s Story though!

      • it worth it 😀

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