Monthly Archives: January 2012

I haven’t felt much like posting lately. The initial plan was to post once a week or whenever I felt like it, which worked out pretty well. But then over the last 5 days I took way too many photos for just one post, so now I’m at about a 3 post backlog. Whoops!

Instead of posting, I’ve been reading and…


…knitting! Aw yeah! KNITTING.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…no wait. Quite a few Christmases ago (probably more than I would care to admit if I could remember), my Grams gave me a “learn to knit kit”. Thanks, Grams! Like many things, it was eventually lost within the depths of the black hole that is my closet. (I mean, was my closet. It’s looking a bit nicer now.) But then a few days ago I reached a stash of wonderful things, and this was among them. And it’s pretty great! I’m an awful knitter, as you’ll probably soon see, but I’m trying. Scarves will happen. Things that look vaguely like socks and hats will probably most definitely happen. But mostly, a lot of this will be going on:


If you’re not a knitter, that’s what it looks like when you rip out the stitches of a truly god awful monstrosity that has no name or shape. There was about 5 hours of this and the basic knit-stitch before I came up with something workable. Let’s not even talk about trying any fancy stitches right now. Purrling? HAH. I’ll be lucky if I can bind off the end of my current misshapen wormy to keep it from unraveling.

I told you, I’m an awful knitter. Here’s a cat instead.



Haven’t really felt like processing and posting the last few days, so I just took my photos and set them aside. Too busy cleaning and begging for a job. Four bags of stuff and no callbacks later, my room is a bigger mess than it was before and still no job. Ho hum.

On a better note, my tea collection exploded over Christmas! All the individual packets were a gift, and then some more I didn’t add. I’ve got like a year’s worth of tea now, phew! Thanks family (you know who you are)! And I had to add the Arizona (not a gift), because it’s definitely my favourite ‘tea’.


A wee bit more of the painting I’ve been working on for a few years now. Slow and steady wins the race, right?


Part of my Stephen King shelf. I’m planning on getting through all of them this year, and hopefully more. You might call me a bit of a fan. Night Shift, Pet Sematary, The Green Mile, Cujo, Different Seasons, The Stand, The Talisman, Skeleton Crew, The Drawing of the Three, The Tommyknockers, Carrie, IT, Insomnia, ‘Salem’s Lot, Cell, Duma Key, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, The Dark Half, Gerald’s Game, Hearts In Atlantis, Dreamcatcher, Under the Dome, and Rose Madder. Yes, a bit of a fan.


A little wooden flower that’s been hanging around. Not sure where I got it, but it’s bright and lovely and made today just a bit cheerier. I’m thinking that outside either needs to snow and stay white, or spring needs to happen. All these gross brown, half dead, cloudy days are no fun. It’s too cold and too brown to really bother going outside for the daily photos. No fun at all.

Anyway, pip pip, back to the mess.

14/366 (extreme crop)

I know that’s not the best quality, but I was doing the one-handed-manual-focus-on-my-sleeve-while-trying-not-to-let-the-wind-blow-me-over dance. It’s all very complicated.

Yesterday, no snow. Today, THE COOLEST PICTURES EVER?!

Look at that fucking snowflake just chilling out all alone on that needle. It’s probably the coolest snow that ever flaked. The rest of the snowflakes can’t even handle it.

And speaking of not handling it, Kitty decided she doesn’t like the snow. Personally, I think it’s lovely on her, it goes so well with her coat (haha I know I’m so punny). Maybe now she’ll stop whining to go outside when the white stuff is out. HAH. Yeah right.

Project Closet Makeover is going very well. Big “Out” pile.

No time to waste! Bis Morgen!


What? Not all the photos are going to be works of art.

Two things:


On the first thing: this has been a long time coming, and I’m welcoming it with open arms. The Out pile is piling up ever taller. And it’s not going to stop there. The war on my desk will likewise soon begin. I’m hoping I can sell two or three of my nicer “out” pieces, but most of it will probably go to charity.

On the second thing: IT’S REALLY DUMB. And that’s not all I’ve got to say about that.

And now back to werk, and back to jammin’ to my jumpstyle & fidget (Richie G, your 28th album still holds my heart)!


Dear Doc Marten boots,

You are the most lovely boots I’ve ever laid eyes on. You’re rugged, yet chic. You were the perfect gift! Or you would have been if you actually fit. But you don’t. Not even close. You’re much too big for these little paws. And I know you’ve been lonely for some paws to romp around on, so I did what I’ve been meaning to do for almost two years quite a while now.

I sold you. Yes! Tomorrow you’ll be off to a new home with a new human to love and adore and wear the crap out of you. I hope you’ll be happy. I hope she’ll be happy. I hope you have a long and wonderful relationship.

I’ll miss what you should have been,

…moving on.