“in my bag”

I’ll just go ahead and say it: I am almost endlessly fascinated by what other people carry around in their bags / pockets. Not to the point I’d go rifling through someone else’s stuff, that would just be weird, but I do like looking through Flickr groups like this. What’s in someone’s bag is a glimpse inside their head, much the same as knowing what books they read, what music they listen to, what they blog about, etc. I guess I just like knowing things.

photo credit: anna letoile

Some people seem to carry so much stuff that I honestly wonder how they don’t fall over! Laptop, camera(s), handheld game(s), notebook(s), wallet, book(s), makeup bag / hair products, travel passes, (sun)glasses, umbrella, phone, .mp3 player, keys, pens galore…WHERE DO YOU PEOPLE FIT ALL THIS STUFF!? And then other people carry bunny masks and handcuffs……not sure I want to know this time. This totally explains why so many women carry around massive bags, though.

photo credit: Japancamerahunter

I think a more interesting collection to see would be what people carry around in their digital lives. You know, the things most people don’t see except on accident.

Then again…bunny masks and handcuffs. Maybe I don’t want to know.

  1. Gram said:

    Would you believe a half a bacon cheeseburger right now?

    • Bear said:

      Hah! I would not have guessed that, no.

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