My Epic Battle with Yarnthulhu

The following posts contains awful pictures, something in the neighborhood of stupid humor, and vague HP Lovecraft references. You have been warned.

It started like this. The scarf, ever hungry for yarn, is reaching the end of its first meal. But it is still hungry, and requires more. So out comes a new skein of yarn, wrapped up and twisted lovely and neat. So the scarf starts to devour this as well. Quite a few rows later, I realized I should really have started from the other end of the skein – the end that’s hidden within the depths of this cuddly mass and is much easier to knit with. So I set out to find it, but this only seemed to anger the skein. And before I knew it…YARNTHULHU, THE FREAKISH LOVECHILD OF YARN AND CTHULHU, EXPLODED INTO LIFE.

We fought viciously for control for a good 5 minutes before I finally had it – I found the end! Success!

Alas, it was not the end of the battle. Yarnthulhu fought still, snagging and generally making a mess everywhere. Eventually like 20 minutes and 108 yards of yarn later, Yarnthulhu gave in as its power dwindled to almost nothing, and my battle was won. I was richly rewarded with a lovely ball of yarn the size of your mom’s face that looks a lot smaller in the picture than it does in real life.

Maybe the next skein will give up its inner end. Maybe Yarnthulhu and I won’t battle again for a while. Maybe I’ll decorate the cat and take lots of pictures. Who knows?

…this seemed so much more dramatic while it was happening.


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