Black and White

Between February 20th and 25th, I decided to shoot in black and white. A little experiment to focus more on subject than on color. Admittedly it could have been a better week, but I did get a couple shots I quite like.


From the book Looking for Alaska by John Green. I just thought this part was wildly appropriate and relevant to my life, hah.


Not one of the ones I like. It was one of those “oh shit it’s almost midnight” shots where I look around wildly and snap the first thing that looks even vaguely interesting. Oh well, it happens.

The next day though, I biked down to the library for the first time in months. It was an awful decision. Pro tip: don’t get on a bike after months of not exercising and try to bike two miles while it’s less than 40 degrees. It’s a really bad idea. My stomach was very angry with me.

But when I got there and caught my breath, it was actually a really nice time. I love the library. If I could live at the library, I would have moved in years ago. But I guess they frown upon people trying to do that sort of thing, so I just spend hours and hours there instead.


There were a bunch of little kids there this time, so I sat and watched them run around while I was trying to defrost. This one was so cute, skipping about and tossing a trail of books all over the floor.


Still working on my German! Just flipping through the book I came upon my arch enemy – the dative case. I seriously feel like I’ll never conquer all these article changers.



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  1. Hey. 🙂 Sorry to reply back about the iPhone situation in a random comment, but I couldn’t find your email anywhere, and your Blogger profile is coming through as Feel free to respond directly to my email if you want – desertrose0601 {at} gmail {dot} com

    Anyway, so my plan was to get a prepaid phone, not a contract phone – I don’t really care what network, although I have AT&T now so maybe I should just stick with that. I don’t want to have a contract or monthly fee, since I maybe have one or two phone calls a month and probably about 10-20 texts. I literally use my iPhone primarily as an iPod/computer right now. 20 cents each for 20 texts is a heck of a lot cheaper than the $70 a month I’m paying now for the iPhone.

    So I figured switching my iPhone out for an iPod Touch plus having a prepaid phone just for emergencies would probably work. From what I’ve researched, every company has the same price on texting, which I don’t really use that much anyway. And coverage seems to be about the same for all of them in my area. I’d basically have the phone only if I break down somewhere or something – that’s the only time I use my phone as a phone anymore. That’s good to know about TMobile having trouble getting texts through. I’ve never had that trouble with AT&T so maybe I should just stick with them.

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