Hastings, MN

For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, here’s an official announcement. I passed my driver’s exam! Woooo! I actually passed on the 10th but I never got around to posting it… Oh well, now you know!

This batch of photos is from Hastings (where I took my test) the day before and the day of my test. Mom and I went down to scope it out, see what’s what and where. It’s a nice little place, lots of places to eat at and nice paths to walk by the river. There are a lot of cool houses, too.

At the LeDuc Historic Estate. The trim on the roof made me laugh because it looks like flying moustaches. Can’t unsee!

The estate is famous for its architecture, and I guess there are tours, but they weren’t running when we were there. More info here.

We saw this lovely creature while we were driving around, and oh boy you bet I had to stop and get closer. And lucky me, this cutie was right at the fence and let me get up close. She was pretty shy, but I gave a few pets on the nose before I had to get out of the windy cold. Her coat was brighter and reminded me a whole lot of butterscotch, but the crappy light washed out the tones in the picture.


If you didn’t know, I love horses. I LOVE horses. I love touching them. I love brushing them. I love giving them treats. I love taking pictures of them. I love kissing their noses. And holy crap do I love riding them. If riding and taking care of horses was a job I could be doing right now, I would be doing it right now. Maybe some day!


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