whoops? I am so far behind in posting photos, I don’t even think I can be bothered to play catch up posting them all. So I think I will just make a couple posts of the highlights so far, and continue on as per usual.

Let’s start with some art. In fact, let’s start with the book I’m doing the art in. WHICH I MADE ALL BY MYSELF (plus this wonderful, fantastic YouTube tutorial).

boom! my first hand bound book!!! I went with a coptic stitch because 1) it’s easy, 2) I love the exposed spine look, and 3) it always lays flat when opened . I also left the covers plain because I was in too much of a hurry to start binding, I didn’t want to wait to decorate them haha. the yellow thread was the best choice, too, it’s so cheery! color of the year!!

first session in my brand spankin’ new art journal. inspiration came fast and hard from a spread by Frances Pickering (, and this is what happened. this isn’t the first time I’ve ever embroidered into paper, but the first time I’ve used it so directly into the design. it was more of an experiment that went really well, and I will definitely be doing it again. I’m glad I didn’t get rid of all that cotton embroidery thread I had from when I was younger and used to make bracelets out of. without it I couldn’t have made this book, and I guess I know what I’ll be doing with the rest of it, too!

above: collage from an article out of the January1994 issue of National Geographic. I saw the article and really couldn’t resist.

below: the start of another collage that transformed into a background. I haven’t finished it yet, but I know what I’m going to do; now it’s just a matter of finding the right image.

I haven’t drawn or even sketched in so long it’s almost ridiculous. sitting down to fill in this guy felt great!

the blackout poem on the right is from quite a while ago. it was a page I ripped out of a previous art journal, but then I started reading it and this happened. I couldn’t bear to throw it away, but I didn’t know what to do with it, so I kept it in a folder for a few months. it’s been floating loose around my room for a couple of weeks, and today I knew exactly what to do with it. see ma! being a packrat isn’t so bad all the time!!! sometimes stuff is useless, sometimes stuff makes a person sit down for the first time in almost a year to sketch the first man she’s ever sketched. sometimes, good things really do come from stuff.

the text reads:

a mysterious figure

A tall, intense looking man, with burning eyes, he was as thin as death and seemed worried and tense.

She looked at him now, and he caught her eye. Suddenly, she remembered seeing his photograph in the newspapers.

He looked like a man who had been through hell.

“The whole world has been wondering what happened to you.”

“I have escaed,” he said simply.

That was ominous; it sounded as if the Nazis might still be after him.

A bitter expression cam over his face.

“I did not want to leave my country. But if I had stayed, my work might have contributed to a Nazi victory.”

Her dilemma was resolved.


A few weeks ago my local library had a viewing of art made by high school students from the district. There was some really amazing stuff there, and I had to snap some pictures of my favorite pieces. Some of this stuff is crazy good! And let me tell you, if I had a disposable income, I seriously would have bought that vase; it was so gorgeous.


left: “Another War to Fight” by C Mueller, grade 10; ceramic.
right: “Raku Vase” by N Martell, grade 12; ceramic.

top left: Untitled by A Thaemert, grade 11; colored pencil.
bottom left: “Night Song” by A Thaemert; colored pencil and charcoal.
right: “Man of Wire” by T Cofield, grade 12; sculpture.

“never let me go” by P Bovits, grade 10; oil painting.

If we were lost in fields of clover? Would we walk even closer until the trip was over? And would it be okay if I didn’t know the way?

I’ve been listening to lots of Josh Turner lately, no regrets.

Anyway, more catching up from the end of February. …I’m a little behind, so sue me.






Favorite pages/spreads from some of my art journals.

Top left: the first person I ever drew. Yer!
Top right: “When the world says “give up”, hope whispers “try it one more time.”
Bottom left: just playing around with new techniques.
Bottom right: “Let a person walk alone with few wishes, committing no wrong, like an elephant in the forest.” Buddhist poem.

Lately I seem to be doing a lot more looking at other people’s art and less of doing my own.  I’ve been doing a whole lot of reading, though!  Reading is always good.

I’m covering up an old pink shoebox with scraps of colour and texture I get from magazines.  Let me just say that the disorganised paper is a huge improvement to the hot pink the box used to be.  I am, to say the least, no fan of pink.

Papa took me to Blick’s today, it was awesome!  It would have been better had I remembered to print off my list, thus saving me the embarrassment of wandering around uselessly trying to remember what was on the list I made only yesterday. I get to cross a bunch of things off, though!

  1. Mod Podge Matte, 1 pint
  2. Mod Podge Gloss, 1 pint
  3. Pigma Micron Pen 6pc set, black
  4. Pigma Micron Pen 4pc set, sepia
  5. Sanford Impact Gel Pen, white
  6. Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint, white 7oz
  7. Masonite panels, gessoed and not
  8. Self-healing cutting mat
  9. Golden Archival Spray Varnish, matte
  10. Sanford Impact Gel Pen, gold
  11. Sanford Impact Gel Pen, silver

Not everything is exact, except of course the Mod Podge and Pigma pens.

Funny things about the pens.  I really REALLY wanted the set of 6 black pens in various sizes.  In all the excitement, what did I grab without really paying attention?  A set of 6 different colours all in one size (the brush set).  CRAP!  The set did come with one black brush pen, and now I have a bunch of different colours which I didn’t think was going to happen, so I guess that’s cool too.

Unfortunately, the shop didn’t have any of the gel pens I was looking for, but I’m desperate for a white pen so I settled for a different one.  I didn’t much like the test doodle I did with it, but like I said – desperate!  However, I won’t be buying it again that’s for sure.

I’m also kind of aggro at myself for something else.  I looked at a cutting mat, almost put it in my basket.  Then I just didn’t, and totally forgot to grab it later!  So no cutting mat, BOOOOO!

I started one of the projects I said I’d start!  Again – here comes some aggro – it’s not going very well.  The brush pens are not drying on the acrylic background.  I did a little test smear…it shouldn’t have smeared.

Whatever, I got a doodle book for my Zentangles, I’ll just go tangle my aggro away.