A few weeks ago my local library had a viewing of art made by high school students from the district. There was some really amazing stuff there, and I had to snap some pictures of my favorite pieces. Some of this stuff is crazy good! And let me tell you, if I had a disposable income, I seriously would have bought that vase; it was so gorgeous.


left: “Another War to Fight” by C Mueller, grade 10; ceramic.
right: “Raku Vase” by N Martell, grade 12; ceramic.

top left: Untitled by A Thaemert, grade 11; colored pencil.
bottom left: “Night Song” by A Thaemert; colored pencil and charcoal.
right: “Man of Wire” by T Cofield, grade 12; sculpture.

“never let me go” by P Bovits, grade 10; oil painting.


I’ll just go ahead and say it: I am almost endlessly fascinated by what other people carry around in their bags / pockets. Not to the point I’d go rifling through someone else’s stuff, that would just be weird, but I do like looking through Flickr groups like this. What’s in someone’s bag is a glimpse inside their head, much the same as knowing what books they read, what music they listen to, what they blog about, etc. I guess I just like knowing things.

photo credit: anna letoile

Some people seem to carry so much stuff that I honestly wonder how they don’t fall over! Laptop, camera(s), handheld game(s), notebook(s), wallet, book(s), makeup bag / hair products, travel passes, (sun)glasses, umbrella, phone, .mp3 player, keys, pens galore…WHERE DO YOU PEOPLE FIT ALL THIS STUFF!? And then other people carry bunny masks and handcuffs……not sure I want to know this time. This totally explains why so many women carry around massive bags, though.

photo credit: Japancamerahunter

I think a more interesting collection to see would be what people carry around in their digital lives. You know, the things most people don’t see except on accident.

Then again…bunny masks and handcuffs. Maybe I don’t want to know.

6 / 366

Guess what I did today! Aw yiss. I am a parallel parking master. Or something. Okay I only did it 5 times, but that’s close enough for me. And NO I did not knock over any cones! Or hit any invisible cars, or anything dumb like that. Anyway.

Just getting some more practice in before my test on the 23rd. 9am. I hope 9am means not-so-cranky testers.

Fingers crossed.

Ich mag Rucksäcke. Klein, groß, schwarz, weiß…grün. Grün wie meine neuer Rucksäcke von Tignanello!

Gestern bin ich mit meine Mutter nach einkaufen gegangen. Bei Macy’s habe ich dieser Rucksack gefunden und gekauft. Das Preisschild hat fast $90 gesagt, aber ich hab es für nur $34 im Ausverkauft gekauft!

Super schön, ja?

Ich denke, dass es perfekt für mich ist. It’s just so me.

Bücher! 50 Bücher. Nextes Jahr will ich 50 Bücher lesen. FÜNFZIG! Das ist fast ein Buch pro Woche. Normalerweise kann ich 1 2 oder vielleicht ganz 3 Bücher pro Woche lesen, aber ein Büch pro Woche für die ganzes Jahr ist so viele! Und auch mit ein Foto pro Tag, ich werde so beschäftigt sein.

Bis Morgen! Bis 2012? Wer weiß!

I’m just a few pages under half finished with it (192 pages filled). This is insane. What’s more insane is that I want to finish it before the new year(!). To be fair though, there are quite a few months where I wrote nothing, and lately I’ve been writing four or five times a week at least, 1 page a day. Maybe I can do it? And then of course, I see a lot of journaling ahead of me in the next couple weeks, to say the least (or none at all for the same reasons, who knows)…bleh.

I just really want to start fresh in a new journal 2012, but I won’t let half a book go to waste, either.

I guess my goals for the rest of the year? =

  1. finish art journal before 1/1/2012
  2. finish writing journal before 1/1/2012
 The former might actually be doable, it’s only a few months old and already half done. If I work in it just a day or two more each week, I should be able to finish it off and start a new journal in the new year!