Playing with my new Golden Light Molding Paste (modelling paste)!

It’s worked beautifully so far in the test spot, now I just have to wait for it to dry to see what happens. It’s a Light paste so it should retain all the texture it’s got now it’s wet, but I’ve never used it before so it’ll be a surprise to me whatever happens.

It was fairly easy stuff to work with after mixing it with my paint, which I did right on the board with a palette knife. Threw down some paint, grabbed some of the paste right out of the bottle and smashed it around. I smoothed out a fairly thick application of the mixture, then used the top of my palette knife to carve and push some of it into the long ridges. What I scraped off built up on the back of my palette knife on the first stroke or two, but then this was pulled of fairly evenly by the mix still on the board. It only glooped up (technical term) in a few spots, but I mostly fixed that. Once it’s dried and cured I’ll be able to sand or carve those bits off to my liking anyway, not that I’ll do much of that. It’s too gorgeous as-is!


Starting this little Morning Pages project, bit of an experiment I guess, see if I can actually keep this up.  I like writing, need to do more writing and this seems perfect.  On the other hand, I’m a bit lazy, I’m terrible with routines, terrible with keeping things up.

Repossessed an old comp book, terrible green  cover what I’d written and drawn all over so I slapped some nice yellow paper on it.  Yellow is nice, nice colour for morning pages, nice colour to kick off the day with.  Nice nice yellow.

I started a cute little project the other day on a piece of hardboard, but the more I worked on it the more disastrous it seemed.  I’d hardly started it, but I just knew it wasn’t going to work out so I scrapped it – or more accurately I scraped it.  I really just meant to take off the ink (which, after almost a week, hadn’t dried over the acrylic paint!) and start that bit over, but then the acrylic paint itself started coming off, and then the paper beneath came off!  I was kind of annoyed at first, but then it became quite a cathartic exercise.

Normally, I’m not one to give up on art projects, but I do feel better now that I’ve stripped the hardboard panel down to its blank self.  The project was annoying me, but now it’s a beautiful brown piece of hardboard with some newspaper scraps left over.  It actually creates quite a pretty texture because the scraps are so thin.  In some spots the text actually printed off the paper onto the hardboard!  Of course, it’s black text on a dark brown panel…you kinda have to know it’s there to see it lol.  I know exactly what I’ll do with the panel though, after I’ve let it dry for a day or two.

That said, I’m not giving up on the original project.  I’ll just brainstorm a few ideas on how to execute it and start over after this piece is done.  Time to get to it!

Papa took me to Blick’s today, it was awesome!  It would have been better had I remembered to print off my list, thus saving me the embarrassment of wandering around uselessly trying to remember what was on the list I made only yesterday. I get to cross a bunch of things off, though!

  1. Mod Podge Matte, 1 pint
  2. Mod Podge Gloss, 1 pint
  3. Pigma Micron Pen 6pc set, black
  4. Pigma Micron Pen 4pc set, sepia
  5. Sanford Impact Gel Pen, white
  6. Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint, white 7oz
  7. Masonite panels, gessoed and not
  8. Self-healing cutting mat
  9. Golden Archival Spray Varnish, matte
  10. Sanford Impact Gel Pen, gold
  11. Sanford Impact Gel Pen, silver

Not everything is exact, except of course the Mod Podge and Pigma pens.

Funny things about the pens.  I really REALLY wanted the set of 6 black pens in various sizes.  In all the excitement, what did I grab without really paying attention?  A set of 6 different colours all in one size (the brush set).  CRAP!  The set did come with one black brush pen, and now I have a bunch of different colours which I didn’t think was going to happen, so I guess that’s cool too.

Unfortunately, the shop didn’t have any of the gel pens I was looking for, but I’m desperate for a white pen so I settled for a different one.  I didn’t much like the test doodle I did with it, but like I said – desperate!  However, I won’t be buying it again that’s for sure.

I’m also kind of aggro at myself for something else.  I looked at a cutting mat, almost put it in my basket.  Then I just didn’t, and totally forgot to grab it later!  So no cutting mat, BOOOOO!

I started one of the projects I said I’d start!  Again – here comes some aggro – it’s not going very well.  The brush pens are not drying on the acrylic background.  I did a little test smear…it shouldn’t have smeared.

Whatever, I got a doodle book for my Zentangles, I’ll just go tangle my aggro away.

I’m trying something new today – staining paper with tea.  I’m only using #20 cartridge paper, which is not the best structurally, so I don’t really expect it to end well.  No matter, it’s just a little fun.

I’ve got Barlow’s Mint Medley stewing, and I’m expecting the paper to come out a bit green.  Maybe all tea stains come out green in the beginning?  The end result will probably have some green bits anyway, because the bag broke!  All the little tea bits are swimming free at the top of my mug.  Oops.


Put in the first half sheet of paper, let it soak for about 10 minutes.  It definitely looks a pale green!  I’ll have to let it dry and re-soak it.

Aroundish 14.00

Made myself a nother cuppa, this time Egyptian Liquorice.  Actually, I kind of forgot about it for a good 20 minutes…WOWZA!  Strong tea!  I drank what I could, enjoying the flavour,  but it never occurred to me to to just add some more water to it…lol!  Emptied the strongest dredges at the bottom to my pan of staining tea, as well as the bag.

Redipped the first piece of paper, and then another half sheet.  This second one seems to have come out vaguely less green, slightly more yellowed.


The papers are mostly dry, but the tea bits don’t seem to be sticking to them very well.  Sad!  I was hoping they’d give the paper a bit more character, but I guess I expected this anyway.  Time for round 3.


Stained the paper again, but this will be the last time.  The integrity of the paper is at it’s breaking point due to the repeat water exposure.  I think next time, a higher concentration of tea and some heavier paper.  More herb, less water!